Board of Trustees

Mercer University is governed by a 45-member Board of Trustees, which has responsibility for overall policy-making for the University. The Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Corporation of Mercer University clearly define the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for establishing broad institutional goals and for securing the resources to support the University’s programs. The Board of Trustees fulfills its responsibilities through eight standing committees – Audit; Development; Educational Policy; Executive; Finance, Investment and Property; University Athletics; University Marketing Committee; and University Honors – and through established procedures to ensure that it is adequately informed about the programs and general condition of the University.

The Board of Trustees has adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees, Officers, and Key Employees that is intended to serve as guidance for all persons employed by the University in positions of significant responsibility.

Questions concerning the Board of Trustees should be directed to the Office of General Counsel and Secretary of the Corporation.

Board of Trustees 2018

Cathy Callaway Adams - Board Chair
TIFT ’81

Curtis G. Anderson

William H. Anderson II
CLA ’59

Barbara Baugh

G. Holmes Bell IV
EGR ’01

Thomas P. Bishop
CLA '82, LAW '85

Carolyn McAfee Bruner

HON '99

Malcolm S. Burgess Jr.

G. Marshall Butler Sr.

Charlie Cantrell

Ashley Amos Copelan
CLA ’91, EDU ’96

Milton L. Cruz
CLA ’82

Patricia Bridges Dash
NUR ’68

Dwight J. Davis
LAW ’82

The Hon. Sara L. Doyle
LAW ’94

James C. Elder Jr.
CLA ’77

Nancy Grace
CLA ’81, LAW ’84

Benjamin W. Griffith III
CLA ’77

William Andrew Haggard
LAW ’67

Robert F. Hatcher

James N. Hollingsworth Jr.
CLA ’84, DIV ’08

David E. Hudson
CLA ’68

Genelle Jennings

Dr. Shaun King
DIV '18

J. Curtis Lewis III

David E. Linch
BUSM ’80

Rev. Julie Whidden Long
CLA ’02, DIV ’05

A. Rabun Matthews III
CLA, ’61

J. Thomas McAfee III

BUS '00

Jackie Baugh Moore

The Hon. M. Cindy Morris
CLA '80, LAW '84

William Anthony Moye - Chair of Board's Executive Committee
PHA ’73

J. Reg Murphy
CLA ’55, HON ’75

M. Diane Owens
CLA ’77, LAW ’80

W. Carl Reynolds
CLA ’64, LAW ’66

Pete Robinson
LAW ‘80

Dr. Joe Sam Robinson Jr.

The Hon. W. Louis Sands
CLA ’71, LAW ’74

Richard A. Schneider
LAW ’81

Edward J. Schutter Jr.
PHA '77

Chris R. Sheridan Jr.

J. Daniel Speight
LAW ’82

Barbara Brown Taylor

Raymond M. Warren III
CLA ‘86

Jerry S. Wilson
BUSA ‘86

William D. Underwood - Ex Officio, voting

Life Trustees

President Jimmy Carter

The Hon. W. Homer Drake Jr. 
CLA ’54, LAW ’56

Dr. Spencer B. King III
CLA ‘59

Life Trustees In Memoriam

Griffin B. Bell
LAW ’48, HON ’67

Thomas B. Black

William A. Bootle
CLA ’24, LAW ’25, HON ’82

Tom Watson Brown

James H. Cowart

Remer H. Crum
HON ’01

Frank Jordan

Gerald Saunders
HON ’87

Robert L. Steed
HON ’79, LAW ’61, CLA ’58

Jackson P. Turner Jr.